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Lost Family Member

Searching for a lost family member, Next of Kin, Birth Parents, Siblings, Adopted Children.
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You have come to the right place. Our highly skilled investigators specialize in locating and reunited lost family members both domestically and internationally.

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The first step in locating your lost family member is to call our toll free number to receive a free consultation from one of TBVS’s highly trained investigators. Once you make the decision to retain TBVS’s Services It is important to provide as much information that you have obtained concerning your lost family member to our investigators.

Upon receiving the information provided pertaining to your lost family member TBVS Investigators will work diligently by implementing highly sophisticated investigative techniques and utilizing state of the art databases to assist them in finding the lost family member quickly.

To ensure accuracy DNA Testing is offered along with investigative interviews and ancestry data, which will be analyzed by highly trained experts.

TBVS has a high success rate of locating lost family members quickly. Be reinsured that TBVS’s Investigators will leave no rock unturned and will keep you informed on the progress of the investigation so your not left in the dark. *More complex cases could take several weeks and sometimes up to a year. TBVS investigators will keep you informed at every stage of the investigation.

Unfortunately TBVS cannot guarantee to find your lost family member or missing person in these instances our client will receive investigative reports detailing the efforts taken to attempt to locate the lost family member or missing person.

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