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Trust But Verify Screening & Security (TBVS) is a licensed and insured Private Investigative Firm, which was developed by a Former Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2014.

TBVS focuses on reuniting family members who for what ever reason have been separated and have lost contact with their loved ones. The Firms highly skilled staff members consist of Private Investigators and Genealogists who work together utilizing state of the art proprietary databases to assist them in finding a lost family member quickly. To ensure accuracy DNA Testing is offered along with investigative interviews and ancestry data, which is analyzed by highly, trained experts.

TBVS specialized staff works diligently implementing highly sophisticated investigative techniques to insure every effort to find your lost family member quickly. More Complex cases could take several weeks or months but be reinsured during the investigative process TBVS staff will communicate with you at every step of the investigation so your not left in the dark.

TBVS has a high success rate of finding lost family members. We will do everything we can do to find your lost family member and keep you informed every step of the way through detailed case reports.*

*Not a guarantee to find a lost family member.

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